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The Cyber Security Summit 2017

Following the success of the Summit last year, see details below, planning has already commenced for this year’s summit.  The 2017 Summit will focus on the developments in Australia’s fintech and cyber security ecosystem since May 2016.  To register interest for the Cyber Security Summit 2017 please use the form above.

The Cyber Security Summit 2016

May 3, 2016 marked a watershed moment in Australia’s ICT history. The first National Fintech Cyber Security Summit brought together senior executives from research, government, industry and startups to discuss opportunities and best practices for collaboration. The summit was the first step in raising awareness in the value and opportunity for collaboration between two industries, fintech and cyber security and to help establish Australia as a regional hub for fintech-cyber security collaboration and innovation.

The objective of the summit was clear: to help grow Australia’s fintech and cyber security ecosystems by generating critical conversations and address the technological, cultural and mindset challenges to stimulate more commercial collaboration.

In April, one month before the summit, the federal government released Australia’s cyber security strategy which stipulated cyber security to be not only important for protection against malicious activity online, but imperative for business growth and innovation. The strategy includes 33 new initiatives, supported by $230 million in government funding.

The first government-led initiative is the establishment of the new Cyber Security Growth Centre as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda5. With $30 million in funding until 2020, the centre will bring together industry, researchers and government agencies to create a nation cyber security innovation network; develop a strategy for Australia’s cyber security industry to become a global leader and attract foreign investment; and coordinate cyber security research and innovation to maximise efficiency.