Innovation Challenge

Register Your Interest

Organisations are invited to become a partner and to contribute in three ways:

  1. Contribute to the problems, challenges or opportunities that your organisation would like to collaborate on with startups.
  2. Provide access to colleagues with the relevant expertise and authority to work alongside some of the startups and to act as startup mentors.
  3. Help co-fund the design challenge through a partnership contribution.

Each innovation challenge partner will be a “full partner” and will be invited to participate in the preparatory and delivery stages. The national cyber security innovation challenge will seek to attract leading cyber startups and researchers from across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The selected teams will have the opportunity to work alongside experts from the Fintech Cyber Hub partners. The objective being to create, commercialise and, ultimately, scale innovation in cyber security with real-world applications.

The design challenge will adopt the following methodology:

Project Phasing